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Flooding Information Update RE: Service & Storage

Dear Valued Malibu Marine Customer,

In light of this season’s flooding situation on the lake we have found ourselves in an unusual situation as all of you have too.

Since most of us will not be boating on the lake until the lake levels recede that means your boat will need a dry place to park and wait; either left in storage or dealt with in some other manner.

For those customers that pay for annual storage you will not be subject to any additional storage charges but you might be subject to an additional lift up or take down from racked storage.

All other customers please be advised that we cannot keep your boat in our yard while it waits to have any service work done. Your boat should arrive the day before it is scheduled for service and should be picked up immediately once the work has been completed. Space permitting you can leave it in our yard at the appropriate storage rate until your scheduled service appointment and/or after work has been completed. Due to the flooding situation we are extremely limited with storage space and truly appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Please let our reception staff know if you would like to pay for outside storage while you wait for your boat to be serviced and the lake levels to subside and they will be happy to get you a quote.

Also be advised that once the lake level returns to acceptable launching conditions we will be inundated with our customers’ requests to deliver their boat. We will try our best to get everyone on the water as quickly as possible but can only do so much at one time. Call as soon as possible to schedule your delivery and give us as much notice as you can.

Safe boating if you choose to use the lake.



Your Malibu Marine Team